Worldcup Long distance

The race over the long distance led on Friday around the almost 915 m high mountain massif of the Rabenberg. The day's winners in the elite classes come from Great Britain and Austria.

After intensive rainfall at night and temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, the junior classes and the open categories started at 9 a.m. on the tracks of the long distance not far from the Trailcenter Rabenberg. On the up to 40-kilometre-long tracks, the requirement was to choose the best possible routes between the controls, taking into account the steepness, the passability and the direction of travel. Depending on the age group, the route went several times down one of the numerous trails and then back up to the Rabenberg. Some of the climbs were very steep. Sometimes there were many extra-metre trails to choose from. Several participants ended the race prematurely.

Shortly before noon the starters of the World Cup, the Youth and Junior European Championships started on their tracks. In the men's elite the Austrian Andreas Waldmann set a clear best time early after a clean race, which was not undercut until the end of the race. Simon Braendli (Switzerland) and Grigory Medvedev (Russia) finished second and third respectively.

In the women's race, world champion Emily Benham Kvale (Great Britain) won with just 8 seconds ahead of Nadia Larsson (Sweden). Olga Shipilova Vinogradova (Russia) finished third.

Kaarina Nurminen (W17, Finland), Nikoline Splittorff (W20, Denmark), Matej Tuma (M17, Czech Republic) and Jan Hasek (M20, Czech Republic) won the titles of the European Junior Championships.

Anna Fuzy (Hungary / W40), Aurelie Villar (Noyon Course d'Orientation / W45), Helena Svensson (FK Herkules / W50), Carolyn Jackson (Bayside Kangaroos Orienteering / W55), Dana Kralova (Czech MTBO masters / W60), Monika Bonafini ( SLOW Bern / W65), Annelise MacLassen (Rold Skov OK / W70), Ellis Byrgiel Sommer (OK Oest Birkeroed / W75), Tobias Breitschädel (ASKÖ Henndorf / M40), Peter Reibert Hansen (Alleroed OK / M45), Bjarne Hoffmann (Mariager Fjord OK / M50), Per Gustavsson (Goteborg Majorna OK / M55), Juhani Jetsonen (OC DUBHE / M60), Heikki Saarinen (SOC Asikkala / M65), Niels Duedahl (OK Oest Birkeroed / M70), Curt Maier (ASKÖ OLC Kärnten / M75) and Jack Skrydstrup (Kolding OK / M80) secured the day's victories at the Senior World Championships,

On Saturday the next decisions will follow in Oberwiesenthal. While the national teams of the elite and junior classes compete in the relay decision, the seniors and open classes start in the mass start.

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