As media representatives, you benefit from our experience of 10 years reporting from orienteering events all over the world. We have deliberately chosen a concept of short distances and offer you a wide variety of support for journalists, photographers and television staff. Ideal conditions for us means amongst others very detailed media information, a reasonable internet connection, good photo and TV positions during the competitions, and a press center where you can work without any time pressure after the competitions. Experienced media team members will guide you through the competition days. 

Event centre, press centre and hotel - everything is concentrated at Sportpark Rabenberg. The press centre is located in a seperate house in the event centre.

If you are interested, we invite you to get impressions of the region outside the event.

Media accreditation

The accreditation for the event will be done here. The accreditation form will be online soon.

We will reserve a quota of rooms especially for media representatives.

You are welcome to ask questions, please contact: Daniel Härtelt

Media material

In our media database you will find current photos, videos and information. Please contact Daniel Härtelt for inclusion in the media distribution list and any other questions you may have.

Folder World Cup 2019 (Photos / Logo)

Thera are countless more orienteering photos in our media database. These includes some impressions from the MTBO 2018 in Novy Bor (Czech Republic).

Folder - MTBO Deutschland-Cup 2018 / Novy Bor (Photos)

Additionally, you have the possibiliy to get access to our internal area of the media database. There you can search for names and special themes during the competitions. Please contact Daniel Härtelt for this possibility.

Event Videos

Getting there from Dresden and have some fun...

Arrival / Ankunft Rabenberg