For participants

Orienteering is a sport for eyery age and fitness type. Because of that we'll try to offer some additional competitions in different kind of orienteering and for different skills.

Feel free to start in the open classes, the e-bike class or at the Trail-O. If you are in the correct age, you can start in the youth class (M/W 11 & 14), the junior class  (M/W 17 & 20, Young Guns Series), the World Master Series (M/W 35+) or in the masters categorie (M/W >40) at the World Masters Championships.

You can try orienteering (foot / ski / mtbo) without costs on a short course at the location rabenberg. Start and finish is at the media center during the opening hours.

For spectators

Spectators are invited to come to the finish areas. Follow the races with good food, drinks and GPS-Tracking. More information at tab „Program & Bulletins“ (Bulletin 2 and newer).

Spectators World Cup 2018