Orienteering in Germany

In orienteering, several control points, have to be approached by means of a map and a compass. The locations of the control points are marked in a special map for orienteering. Usually, the control points are connected by a line and the runner or rider must navigate from one control to the next in the given order. The goal of orienteering, ski orienteering and mountain bike orienteering is to complete the entire course in the fastest time possible. In precision orienteering, the control points must be accurately determined from a defined point without time pressure.

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Orientierungssport in Deutschland


Mountainbike-Orienteering in Germany

Mountainbike Orienteering (MTB-O) is a combination of cycling and orienteering along tracks and trails. The goal of MTB-O is to navigate to a given number of control points as fast as possible. At each control, electronic punches on an electronic card or needle punches into a paper control card are used to proof that the competitor completed the course correctly. A mountainbike is recommended to use for MTB-O, while it is required to ride with a helmet. A rotatable map board makes navigation easier.
The fascination with the MTB-O lies in choosing the best route between the individual control points and to navigate as fast as possible, without any mistakes at high speed. The ridden distances range from the sprint distance with a winning time of about 20 minutes to the long distance with a winning time of about 120 minutes. Mass start and relays are exciting because of the direct contact between competitors, while in sprint, middle and long distances competitors start at individual start times. Depending on the age classes different courses are offered to reach similar winning times. Map scales range between 1:5 000 to 1:20 000.
A different approach can be found at the long distance MTB-O marathons. In these events most often a team of two riders have a certain time (i.e. 4 h) to navigate to as many control points as possible. The control points often have different values depending how easy they can be reached. Usually a hiking map is used for this style of races with scales of 1:25 000 or 1:50 000. The time limit is often between 3 h and 6 h, while there is no given order of controls.

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Denny Albert explains MTB-O (german language)


Trail-Orienteering in Germany

Trail-O is the most technical demanding form of orienteering. The main goal is to determine which of the maximum from five controls in the reality fits to the controls at the map and the map description. At the compeition you have several observation points where you have to solve the task. The time for the whole course is not important. At some observation points you have time controls with measuring the determination time. In Trail-O even physically disabled affected people can compete without any disadvantages.

Ralph, Christian und Jens explain Trail-O (german language)